12.1.10 - Massive peace time preparation for war weapons...

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12/1/10 - Massive peace time preparation for war, weapons, rearmament. - COLD WAR confrontation. - U.S and Soviet Union both have nuclear weapons. Never actually meet head to head. - Korean War: June 1950. (3 years) Month after NSC-68 secret document. - 38 th parallel : separated N and S Korea. - Soviet Union was supposed to get N Korea after WWII and U.S gets S Korea. N Korea: communist. S Korea: democratic. - Dean Acheson: Sec. of State. Mistake: didn’t put S Korea on list of nations U.S will protect. - U.S goes to U.N to stop dictators from attacking. European members can go in to resolve. Soviet Union is boycotting U.N for not including communist China in 5 members. o Mao Zedong: communist. Sov. Supports this. - China added to 5 permanent members because of population - China at this time is Pro-U.S. resolution is passed. - U.N forces sent to S Korea. 50% forces U.S, 40% S. Korean 10% supporters. - General Macarthur (great hero of WWII) flees Philippines. Quote~ “ I shall return - 200,000 Chinese troops come in to help N Korean, force U.N forces back under the 38 th parallel - Little established with fighting. Macarthur is successful. - Kim Jung Jr. 17 yrs old given power. - Attack on Inchon . Macarthur asked to step down because wanted to invade China, which just got out of Civil War. He also wanted to use nuclear weapons (tactical) launched from artillery. Wanted to kick Chinese out of the Korean War. - Stalemate. 38 th re-established. Still has U.S troops - Korean War~ forgotten war. 3yrs - Lessons Learned by U.S o 54,000 men lost o Trying to police the world from outside aggressions is tough business. - Vietnam: 57,000 troops lost - 1955, NATO. Defensive alliance. MAD (mutually assured destruction) missile launched on NATO country, will fire back. MAD prevents nuclear war, WWIII. - 1955: Warsaw Pact: by Soviet Union. Answer to NATO. Group of nations, defensive alliance. Met at capital of Poland~ Warsaw. - Establish Berlin Wall Aug1961. Free on west, occupied in east. Berlin Air Lift. - Krushchev: Soviet premiere. Create wall to separate east and west Berlin to keep people in.
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- Destruction in August - Cuban Missile Crisis: 1959 Jan. Fidel Castro, Marxist. Cuban Dictator Baptista. - U.S wants to buy sugar from Soviet Union. Castro takes U.S property owned there. Soviet Union agrees to buy ½ Cuban Sugar - 1961 Apr. Cubans trained by U.S - Bay of Pigs : where attack occurs. Pres. Kennedy - U.S does not show up, doesn’t show air support. - U.S wants to establish missile sites - Oct 1962: Aerial reconnaissance (inspection) photos. - U.S can board and shift any shop they want in Cuba. Quarantine of island. International waters. U.S can’t just investigate any ship
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12.1.10 - Massive peace time preparation for war weapons...

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