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fresh seminar reflection 1

fresh seminar reflection 1 - Mehar Ghei FS-H05 Reflection...

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Mehar Ghei FS-H05 Reflection Paper Why did I select NJIT? Why did I select Dorman Honors College? New Jersey Institute of Technology is the right choice for me for various reasons. One of the reasons is because of its’ Bio-Medical Engineering program. Initially, I had decided to major in Chemistry, however after NJIT’s open houses and information sessions I was introduced to Bio-Medical Engineering. I am interested in the Medical Track and was told at the information sessions that Bio-Medical Engineering prepares students well for the Medical field as it builds problem solving skills, which are extremely advantageous in medicine. I also got the opportunity to speak to many Bio- Medical Engineering professors, who were all very enthusiastic and informative. Another reason I chose New Jersey Institute of Technology is because of its’ Accelerated Medical Program. NJIT offers quite a few medical accelerated programs, one of which I was qualified for and got accepted into. This is a great opportunity for me
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