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fresh seminar reflection 2

fresh seminar reflection 2 - Mehar Ghei Freshman Seminar...

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Mehar Ghei 10/7/10 Freshman Seminar Reflection Paper #2 Interviewing a Faculty Member For my paper, I interviewed Dr. Bruno Mantilla, my Intro to Physiology professor, because I’m interested in the Medical Field and Dr. Bruno Mantilla had gone through the medical track and in addition accomplished much more beyond the scope of medicine. Dr. Mantilla is from South America, where he attended Rosario University with a major in an accelerated medical program. When asked why he chose this major, Dr. Mantilla responded, “I wanted to know what goes on in people’s heads, how the brain works, why people have fears…” In his second year of Med-School, he looked into neurosurgery and started studying from the human brains that the clinics would dispose of. After making some connections, he could go to OR’s and watch brain operations. After getting married and having a thriving business, he came to America in 2000 due to a grant for research. Leaving everything behind, he had to start his life and business over from scratch. He did his Masters and PhD at New Jersey Institute of
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