fresh seminar reflection 3

fresh seminar reflection 3 - away and Im always exhausted...

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Mehar Ghei 10/28/10 Freshman Seminar During this Next Year, I Hope to Improve… I would say that improvement is one thing that can apply to anyone at any age, regardless of their level of experience. At this point in my life however, I would focus on becoming more knowledgeable in my course of study and improving all methods and habits of attaining knowledge. I would also want to engage in whatever hands-on experience I can get in my major and in the near future, perhaps get involved in research. Overall, I would want to improve my skills as a Biomedical Engineering student. In addition, I would also want to improve my time management skills so I can carry out my hobbies as well as getting my work done on time. Recently, I feel like I have to choose between my hobbies, social life, and education, that I cannot handle all three. Being that education is always priority, my hobbies and talents are left to wither
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Unformatted text preview: away and Im always exhausted by the work load. I do not think I would be able to incorporate my hobbies into my life while school is in session, so hopefully I will be able to focus on that during the winter and spring breaks. Lastly, I also hope to improve my people and leadership skills. I hope to have a leadership role in some club or organization and make a lot of contacts throughout my college career that would be advantageous in my near future. I believe that the first step in making contacts would be to get involved in events and clubs, where I could meet people, not only from my own major but others as well. Overall, I hope to improve my study habits and time management skills and get involved in leadership roles and networking during this next year....
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fresh seminar reflection 3 - away and Im always exhausted...

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