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Mehar Ghei Freshman Seminar H05 1. The Honors College will help me become a more successful college student because graduating with honors carries a great deal of significance during employment opportunities. The Honors College has high standards that one must meet in order to remain in the program and for my employers to know that I have done so will illustrate my hard working personality. 2. Links: a. Colloquium: Because each honors student must attend colloquiums throughout their college years, the colloquium schedule has been posted with days, times, and descriptions of the event. b. Requirements: There are many requirements expected from an honors student regarding GPA, and volunteer hours, etc. There are also posted on the website.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Scholarships: If anyone is in need of more financial aid, there are some scholarships listed. d. Faculty: For any sort of assistance regarding the honors college, one can contact the administration. e. Research and Internships: there are several opportunities for research and internships posted on the site that would make a great addition to resumes. 3. Three characteristics necessary to achieve success in college are tenaciousness, hard working, inspired. 4. A few challenges I may face as a freshman are, not being able to keep up with the work load, and having trouble meeting new people....
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