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Motivation essay

Motivation essay - become a successful doctor This goal...

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Mehar Ghei 10/14/10 Motivation—what does it mean to you? Explain what motivates you as a first year Honors Student? Motivation is the driving force for everything I accomplish along with everything I do not. I believe motivation is the key factor in all of life’s aspects. If one is not motivated, or inspired, all their tasks are heartless and without passion. Personally, my motivation is the potentially bright future I see for myself if all my goals are achieved. Academic goals aside, I want to have great friends and good relationships with the people in my life along with hobbies that make me feel fulfilled. The idea of having this in the future motivates me to find it at this moment in time. Additionally, my motivation is similar in academics. Firstly, I set goals for myself and then the motivation strengthens as the goals do. At this point in my life I want to
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Unformatted text preview: become a successful doctor. This goal drives me to work hard in my studies and get a good GPA so that I can get into Medical Schools and obtain the knowledge required to become a successful doctor. This ties into my motivations as a first year Honors Student because being in the Honors College will be advantageous in applying for Med-Schools, which will benefit my ultimate goal. All in all, motivation is an important aspect in every decision I make because it is influenced by my ultimate goals. I believe being motivated is very important because it can serve as a purpose to living a certain way. Additionally, I find that I do better in everything I pursue if I am motivated or inspired towards that goal or action than I would if I was not motivated. Therefore, motivation carries a lot of significance in my life....
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