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Date: ____________ Developing an application to support engineering students Team No. _____ ENGR13200 – Spring 2011 Section No. _____ Team Members: 1. 2. 3. 4. Milestone 11: Finished program Category Objectives Professional Not Working/Incomplete Major functional elements present and working b All major functional elements are present and working as promised b Function calls present and working b Conditional statement(s) present and working b Looping structure(s) present and working b Code includes expected functionality 100 points for all; 20 points per subsidiary box checked 0 points for each box not completed Features of Selected Solution b All documentation complete b Instructions for using the application appear complete b Comments are present appear complete 50 points for all 20 points per subsidiary box checked 0 points for each box not completed Milestone 12 – Executive Summary Category Objectives Professional (10 Pts) Acceptable (7 Pts) Missing (0 pts) Need established The larger problem or need is defined in the Executive Summary, including:
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