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Date: ____________ Developing an application to support engineering students Team No. _____ ENGR13200 – Spring 2011 Section No. _____ Team Members: 1. 2. 3. 4. Milestone 11: Finished program Category Objectives Professional Not Working/Incomplete Major functional elements present and working boxshadowdwn All major functional elements are present and working as promised boxshadowdwn Function calls present and working boxshadowdwn Conditional statement(s) present and working boxshadowdwn Looping structure(s) present and working boxshadowdwn Code includes expected functionality 100 points for all; 20 points per subsidiary box checked 0 points for each box not completed Features of Selected Solution boxshadowdwn All documentation complete boxshadowdwn Instructions for using the application appear complete boxshadowdwn Comments are present appear complete 50 points for all 20 points per subsidiary box checked 0 points for each box not completed Milestone 12 – Executive Summary Category Objectives Professional (10 Pts) Acceptable (7 Pts)
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