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M6-7-8_engr13200_s11 - process of the application If you...

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ENGR 13200 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2011 Project Milestones 6-7-8 Due: Class 8b MILESTONE 6: As a team, give the detailed functional specifications for your project – indicate the functionality of each of the user-defined functions you will need and what programming structures are required (conditional statements/for loop/while loop/vector variables) Deliverable: Hardcopy of your team’s detailed set of functional specifications for your project. MILESTONE 7: Milestone 7 is postponed until after you start coding your project. Deliverable: none. MILESTONE 8: As a team, develop a presentation for your Professor/Graduate TA explaining the details of how your application will function. If you will be using a GUI, include storyboard sketches illustrating the concept and functionalities of the application and a flow chart describing the
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Unformatted text preview: process of the application. If you will be using a text-based interface, you still need to have mock-ups of input screens, output information, and any datafile(s) uploaded or generated. Flowchart and prototypes are evaluated during class by instructors. Teams will be chosen at random, so be prepared to present in Class 8B. The purpose of this milestone is to receive feedback on the project progression. The Professor/GTA will ensure that the appropriate number of user defined functions (non trivial) have been incorporated and that programming structures have been used. All team members are required to contribute to the coding of the project. Deliverable: Presentation with storyboard sketches and mock-ups of your team’s proposed software application....
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