temperature_update_yourlogin - function [new_temp] =

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function [new_temp] = temperature_update_yourlogin(temp_matrix,r,c) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % % Programmer(s) and Purdue Email Address(es): % 1. @purdue.edu % % Section #:ALL % % Assignment #: Homework 6 problem 4 - Equilibrium Temperature of a Plate % % Academic Integrity Statement: % % I/We have not used source code obtained from % any other unauthorized source, either modified % or unmodified. Neither have I/we provided access % to my/our code to another. The project I/we am/are % submitting is my/our own original work. % % temperature_update_yourlogin - This recalculates the temperature of an element % based upon the temperatures of the surrounding elements. % % INPUT ARGUMENTS % temp_matrix - The matrix of the temperature values for the cover plate % r - The row component of the element being recalculated % c - The column component of the element being recalculated % % OUTPUT ARGUMENTS % new_temp - The updated temperature for the element of interest
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This note was uploaded on 05/02/2011 for the course ENGR 132 taught by Professor Kutson during the Spring '11 term at Purdue University-West Lafayette.

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temperature_update_yourlogin - function [new_temp] =

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