hw 2 key - FNR 305 Conservation Genetics Homework #2 Due...

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FNR 305 Conservation Genetics Homework #2 Due 1/28/10 1. Genes are considered linked when they are inherited together more than __ 50% _ of the time. 2. What are the sexual phenotypes of the following genotypes in Drosophila ? XX Female XY Male XXY Female XXX Metafemale XO Sterile male 3. Consider two syntenic genes during Prophase of Meiosis I. If no crossing over occurs between the two genes, the gametes produced are referred to as ___ _parental ____ gametes. If a crossover event happens between the two genes, ___ recombinant ___ gametes are formed. 4. Assume that in the native wildflower Phlox amplifolia corolla (flower tube) length is controlled by a single, incompletely dominant gene, such that CC is long, Cc is intermediate and cc is short corolla length, respectively. If white flower color ( WW ) is completely dominant to violet flower color ( ww ), what would be the phenotype(s) resulting from crossing a short-corolla, white ( ccWW ) plant to a long-corolla, violet ( CCww ) plant? 5. In a recent television episode of Law and Order: SVU , a doctor tells Detective Stabler that a man claiming to be a female victim’s father is lying because, “… the victim and her mother are both blood Type A. The man is Type B – he can’t be the father.” Was the doctor correct? Why or why not? No, he was not correct. If the man was I B I O , he could have passed the I O allele to his daughter. If she received an I A allele from her mother, she would be type A. A. All the progeny would be long-corolla and white.
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hw 2 key - FNR 305 Conservation Genetics Homework #2 Due...

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