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Mgt 3013 Final Study Guide 1. Which of the following is the systematic process through which managers regulate organizational activities? Organizational control 2. Business process indicators focus on production and operating statistics. 3. What is the first step in the feedback control system? Establishing standards of performance 4. CyberChasers Corporation sends a post-purchase questionnaire to all consumers who buy their products. They are interested in gathering data on product quality, customer service orientation, and customer satisfaction. This is an example of a feedback control. 5. Zachary, a manager at ExecuComp, receives quarterly reports, which tracks his department's production statistics. However, these reports lack key information regarding reject rates. Which of the following components of the control model need improvement? Measuring actual performance 6. Mistletoe Corporation has a detailed set of organizational goals and management information system that delivers timely and accurate information. Mistletoe still has control problems, however, because its managers refuse to act on the information they receive. Mistletoe's control process has flaws in which of the following areas? Its ability to take corrective action when necessary 7. Your department has absenteeism standards, a way to measure absenteeism, and, based on your investigation, you have concluded that your department has an excessive absenteeism rate. What should your next step be? Set new absenteeism standards, Develop new measures of absenteeism. Terminate three employees for excessive absenteeism (All of these) 8. An advantage of the bottom-up budgeting process is lower managers are more involved. 9. The firm's financial position with respect to assets and liabilities at a specific point in time is shown by its balance sheet. 10. Owners' equity is(are) the difference between assets and liabilities and is the company's net worth in stock and retained earnings. 11. Tammy is a production manager at Eagle's Nest, Inc.
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Mgt 3013 Final Study Guide - Mgt 3013 Final Study Guide 1...

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