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2. How did Renee Kershaw choose to use her pizza operations to compete with off-campus eateries? Kershaw decided to expand the menu at the grill to include pizza. Along with expanding the menu, she also take orders to entire campus.To accommodate these changes, a pizza oven was installed in the grill and space was allocated to store pizza ingredients, to make cut-and-box pizzas, and to stage premade pizzas that were ready to cook. Existing personnel were trained to make pizzas, and additional personnel were hired to deliver them by bicycle. In an attempt to
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Unformatted text preview: keep costs down and provide fast delivery, Kershaw limited the combinations of toppings available. That way a limited number of “standard pizzas” could be preassembled and ready to cook as soon as order was received What were her competitive priorities? The competitive priorities is started a delivery service that covered the entire campus. Now students would have not only greater variety but also the convenience of having food delivered quickly to their rooms....
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