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5. What would be a good flow strategy for Kershaw’s operations on campus to meet the food court competition? The key to this strategy is to maintain quality and to innovate on product offerings. The most important is how to win the “pizza wars” off campus. The companies outside of campus can offer many pizza toppings and combinations, they must be a significant competitor. Beside using the proximity to customer to maintain her competitive advantage in determining the pizza
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Unformatted text preview: delivery needs. The other strategy would be start. So BSB,Inc. will need to expend the menu and make special pizza for customers requires, not only walk up and order basic. Accept the phone orders and more delivery service from Pizza Hut, the core food service at campus. Expend more food service points (may be 2-3) in or edge campus to draw customers stay far away from centre service inclusive student who stay out of school ....
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