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Case-Yankee Fork and Hoe Company

Case-Yankee Fork and Hoe Company - 1 Comment on the...

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1. Comment on the forecasting system being used by Yahkee. Suggest changes or improvements that you believe are justified The forecasting system of Yankee based on the main point: The first is Garden tools represent a mature industry. Unless new manual products can be developed or there is a sudden resurgence in home gardening, the prospects for large increases in sales are not bright. Keeping ahead of competition is a constant battle. The types of tools sold today are, by and large, the same ones sold 30 years ago. The only way to generate new sales and retain old customers is to provide superior customer service and produce a product with high customer value. But this approach puts pressure on the manufacturing system, which has been having difficulties lately. The products especially bow rake cannot shipment on time. Yankee has entered into long-term purchasing agreements for steel which sitting around is expensive so they decide reduce the forecast by 10 percent or so. I think is a good move but it’s just not enough. First steal is expensive and more over time. Second, they haven’t enough Equipments
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