Group_4 - Going with the flows

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Going with the flows debt.html main idea : Emerging Markets: When equity and debt were last at these   valuations, a bubble burst       What is the Emerging market: Emerging markets are countries that are restructuring their economies along market-oriented lines and offer a wealth of opportunities in trade, technology transfers, and foreign direct investment. According to the World Bank, the five biggest emerging markets are China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia. Other countries that are also considered as emerging markets include Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Poland, Turkey, and South Korea. These countries made a critical transition from a developing country to an emerging market. Each of them is important as an individual market and the combined effect of the group as a whole will change the face of global economics and politics. The emerging markets’ cup is full – but is it overflowing? Debt and
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Group_4 - Going with the flows

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