HNX INDEX - In the last month of 2005 the Price stayed at low rate(below 100.000 VND But after 4 months late the stock price raise very fast from

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In the last month of 2005 (12/31/2005), the Price stayed at low rate (below 100.000 VND). But after 4 months late, the stock price raise very fast from 13/2/2006 and up to over 250.000 VND in only 3 months (from 13/2/2006 to 10/5/2006). After reaching to maximum price at this year, it was down a little bit but always staying higher than 150.000 VND (The lowest price is 170.000 VND in 26/7/2006). The expectation price of half-last year of 2006 was about 230.000 VND before bounding at 2007. From 5/1/2007 to 15/5/2007 was the time of highest stock price in five-year (2005-2010) especially in 15/3/2007, it was over 450.000 VND (about 467.000 VND). Like the other circle stock markets, it was down (minimum in 16/8/2007-Open: 253.80-Highest:253.84- Lowest:252.13-Close:252.35) and continued raising in 30/8/2007, got the top price again in 31/10/2007 ( Open:371.39-Highest:379.21-Lowest:370.23-Close:379.21) even it wasn’t higher than before ( 15/3/2007 ) but the price was stay at the good place. 2008 maybe not the good year for HNX INDEX. The Price continued fall from the
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