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20/11 ! Today is the anniversary of 20th birthday of our home , Yuntech ! Whether a school through many era of deep turbulent era but still robust tenacity, still carrying many many classes of peoples. This is also the starting point of many talents not only in Taiwan but also of many countries around the world. It is the proud son of this sweet home as well as the wonderful elder brothers and sisters of us to follow. And today, our very respectable brothers and sisters was forget their jobs to come back here to join the party with us in this great celebration! We'll also review the unforgettable memories with them to feel love, more and more our roof.
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Unformatted text preview: Not only that , we'll have a chance to let brothers and sisters share their thoughts on learning experience that the most effective, adding that he will guide us and answer our questions about the master degree . I think it is very useful for you who’s ambitious to rise further. Then to let the atmosphere more hot in this unforgettable time , we will hold a singing competition between members of the AIS. This is a chance for people to come closer, show the talent and shining together! And now I would give the words for Donita, our cute mentor , our godmother from toddlers from the moment we entered the new school!...
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