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notredame-opns_mgmt - McDonald’s Corp 3 Process...

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FORM B (specific course information) Please fill out the following form (making copies as necessary) for the core OM course(s) and key electives: Course Name/Title Operations Management Program (e.g. MBA or Ph.D.) MBA Required or elective Required Instructor(s) Name and email address Lee Krajewski [email protected] Number of Class sessions in course 14 Duration of each class (minutes) 100 minutes Typical number of students enrolled in recent course offerings. 130 Textbook Used Krajewski and Ritzman, Operations Management: Processes and Value Chains, 7e Misc. Instructor comments about course Program has recently been changed to 7-week modules to begin in Fall, 2005. BUS MGT 515 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Session Topic Session Content 1 Introduction CH 1, CH 2, BSB, Inc. The Pizza Wars Come to Campus 2 Operations Strategy Operations Strategy Assessment,
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Unformatted text preview: McDonald’s Corp. 3 Process Design & Analysis: CH 3, CH 4, Custom Mold’s, Inc. 4 Six Sigma Programs CH 5, GE’s Early Dispute Resolution Initiative (A) 5 Capacity Strategy CH 6, Unicon Concrete Products (H.K.) Ltd. 6 Project Management CH 8, Bluebird University 7 Midterm 8 Speaker Strategic Project Management 9 Supply-Chain Design CH 9, pp 393-415, Hewlett-Packard: Creating a Virtual Supply Chain (A) 10 Outsourcing Assigned readings; continue Hewlett-Packard case. 11 Speaker Why CFOs need to know about operations. 12 Financial Implications of Value Chain Design CH 9, pp 416-425; assigned reading; Brunswick Distributors case 13 Determining Profitable Customers Min-Yo Garment Company in-class simulation. 14 Conclusion Debrief Min-Yo case; Assigned readings...
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notredame-opns_mgmt - McDonald’s Corp 3 Process...

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