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1 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHARLOTTE LEE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ETGR 3000-001 Analysis of Renewable Energy Systems Quiz #1 Student Name: Date: (1) Define energy Ability to do work, overcome resistance or cause effect. (2) About ………75. ....% of the human-induced carbon dioxide emission is due to fossil fuel combustion. Carbon dioxide contributes …………60% of the global warming effect. (3) List two effects that warmer global temperature can lead to. Warmer global T can lead to: Melting of the polar ice caps and higher ocean
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Unformatted text preview: levels A shift of agricultural areas (4) How much energy is being produced in USA from renewable sources according to 2003 energy data? Answer: ( 6.15 ) Quadrillions of Btu or ( 6 %) of the 102.20 Quads total energy supply (5) If you are given that 1 BTU=1055J, then: 1 BTU/hour = ( 1 BTU/hour = 0.293 X10^-6 ) MW. (6) CO2 current concentration is ~ ( 370 ) ppmv (7) The efficiency of current PV systems is ~ ( 15 to 20 ) %; and of wind turbines is ~ (30-40%)....
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