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Soc – February 25, 2010 The Family I. Definition II. Characteristics of Pre-modern Families a. In 77% of known pre-modern societies, polygyny was allowed i. Polygamy 1. Polygyny : a situation where a man can have multiple wives a. Typically happened with men who were rich or powerful 2. Polyandry : women can have multiple husbands a. Only 1-2% of pre-modern societies, polyandry was allowed i. Tibet ii. We have a monogamous system in the United States 1. Though we are only allowed to be married to one person, that person is sometimes married more than once a. Serial Polygamy : with easy divorce and marriage, we may have multiple partners over the course of our lifetime i. It is just as easy for both men and women to have multiple partners throughout their lives b. Right at 69% of human societies are patrilocal, with the remainder being matrilocal i. Patrilocal : when a couple gets married, you go and live with or in very close proximity to the husband’s parents 1. If you have multiple sons in a patrilocal system, and the brothers bring in a woman to live with the parents, the woman is an outsider ii. Matrilocal : couple moves in with or close to the bride’s parents 1. The husband is an outsider in this family type of arrangement c. Most of these pre-modern societies, 79%, allow men to easily divorce their wives (not spouses: the husband can easily divorce the WIFE) i. The man is at an advantage in relation to his wife III. Cross Cultural Functions of the Family a. Provides a means for regulating sexual activity as well as providing sexual gratification i. Families often show who/what is a legitimate sexual partner b. Incest Taboos i. Specifies who is an appropriate sexual partner ii. Varies cross-culturally iii. We can pretty much say, across the board with a handful of exceptions, first-degree relatives are not acceptable sexual partners
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2-25 - Soc The Family I Definition II Characteristics of...

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