4-6 - Soc April 6, 2010 Race & Ethnicity I. Why is i t...

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I. Why is it important? a. Gives us a sense of identity and understanding of other cultures b. The US is becoming increasingly ethnically and racially diverse c. Estimated around 2050, when we look at US as a whole, Whites will probably constitute a numerical minority. There will be more people of color than Anglos. i. This is happening on a faster scale in Texas (closer to 2020 than 2050) d. Global Scale: i. The majority of the military conflicts that are going on in the world today are civil wars that have an ethnic dimension. One ethnic group is fighting against another. To keep them from reoccurring, we have to start talking more about patterns of interaction. ii. Globalization: 1. Is causing two seemingly contradictory trends in regards to the racial and ethnic areas. a. 1. Many parts of the world are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse. b. 2. In response to the increased racial and ethnic diversity & migration patterns, some nations are really “closing their doors” in regards to immigration policies. II. a. Ethnic Groups : set of people who share a common cultural heritage that sets them apart from other groups of people i. 3 characteristics:
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4-6 - Soc April 6, 2010 Race & Ethnicity I. Why is i t...

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