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Soc – April 20, 2010 Urbanization I. Overview a. Definition: i. The movement of people out of rural areas into cities and towns ii. The last time we saw this was in the Industrial Revolution 1. Prior to this, people lived off of the land. 2. 1750 (England) - Marked by the invention of the steam engine (applied firs tot the textile industry) a. In other words, with the invention of this to the textile industry, people’s jobs got undercut: they could no longer support themselves the way they used to support themselves on the land, so they moved to cities to work in factories instead. 3. The cities weren’t really the ideal places to be because they were did not quite have the adequate infrastructure to the influx of people moving in a. This is happening on a global scale as well iii. People are being displaced from traditional ways of living, and moving into urban centers at unprecedented rates. b. Global Statistics i. In 1975, 39% of the world’s population lived in urban centers ii. 2008, we crossed the 50% mark (of the world’s population living in urban centers) iii. The projections by 2025, right at 63% of the world’s population will live in urban centers iv. We have never had such a large percentage of the global population
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4-20 - Soc Urbanization I Overview a Definition i The...

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