4-22 - Soc April 22, 2010 Globalization I....

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Soc – April 22, 2010 Globalization I. Conceptualization a. Definition: i. The breaking down of geographical constraints to economic, political, and cultural activities (these dimensions are overlapping), people’s awareness that these barriers are breaking down, and their tendency to act accordingly ii. People are becoming aware that this is happening and as we become aware, we tend to act accordingly b. “Snapshots” i. Economic 1. You can and do purchase stock online in a Brazilian company, or if you want to purchase mutual funds, you can purchase international funds 2. A nurse can leave her country and come and work in the US 3. An Austin based software firm realizes they can get software designers in India for a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to hire one in the US 4. A pizza patron in Dallas is owned by Lebanese businessman says he is going to start taking pesos as a form of currency. In NYC, certain stores told customers they would take international currency ii. Political 1. In 2006, the Italian Parliament held a election for a representative who would represent roughly 5 million Italians who lived outside of Italy 2. Nations come together to form the European Union to remove tariffs, ease immigration 3. The US Supreme Court made references to international law when taking on cases and making their decisions 4. The international criminal court was formed to charge people in war crimes and crimes against humanity 5. Disasters like the tsunami in December 2004 that hit the Thai coast —it was an international disaster for all the tourists who were there at the time 6. Hurricane Katrina—people from all over the world offered aid 7. Governments work together to fight terrorism, human trafficking, drug muzzling, climate change, to address the rights of women, etc. iii. Cultural 1. American Blockbuster movies are shown all over the world (80-85% of all movies shown outside of the US are produced inside the US) 2. Exchange students 3. You can get home furnishings from all over the world, as well as music 4. American non-profits have gone international and with them they have taken cultural wars and made them global II. Core Propositions
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a. Although globalization has been going on since at least the 16 th century, it
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4-22 - Soc April 22, 2010 Globalization I....

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