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19 - Situational talk about the context of the meeting...

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CMS – January 19, 2009 Elevator Pitch – Composition Intro o Identifies yourself, helps situate you in their mind o Give name, relevant background Hook o Gets them interested in the conversation o Ways to entice them to listen: Common associate: family friend, co-worker, etc Present something of value: an idea, opportunity Feed their ego: what do you know/like about them Reference o A quick, relevant resume o Highlight relevant parts of your experience Query o Entrance into a conversation
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Unformatted text preview: Situational: talk about the context of the meeting Issue: ask about something relevant to both of you Buttering: basically, suck up Personal: ask them about themselves • Conclusion o Wrap up with a further connection o Possible close: Exchange email, phone, contact information Set up future meeting Elevator Pitches – Tips • Don’t interrupt them • Tailor it (and yourself) to them • Keep it professional • No false flattery...
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