21 - o You realize what you are doing and do it well o You...

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CMS – January 21, 2010 Composition of Public Speaking You already have the skills to be a great speaker! o Conversation o Writing o Performance You must practice, practice, until you become “unconsciously competent” You must balance performing your speech and having a “conversation” with audience o Do not read your speech o Do not memorize your speech o Use note cards o Use a general sense of ordering Steps of Competence Unconscious Incompetence o You don’t know what you are doing and you’re doing it wrong o You don’t know that you rock back and forth or bobble while you talk o You don’t know how often you say “like,” “you know,” “um” Conscious Incompetence o You realize the things you need to improve on o You are slowly curing yourself of “like,” “you know,” “um” Conscious Competence o You are good!
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Unformatted text preview: o You realize what you are doing and do it well o You are aware of your behavior • Unconscious Competence o You don’t even think about it anymore—you’ve just got it o Like typing or driving. ., you just do it o Ex: Obama, Jay Leno Components of Public Speaking • Research o The basis for your claims o Knowing more than your audience • Development o Organizing for audience comprehension o Preparing to persuade o If not, there will be an information overload/circular speaking • Performance o Being interesting, engaging, dynamic Example Speeches • Logos: logic, makes the listener think • Ethos: position of credibility • Pathos: emotionality, getting the audience to feel like you do • Special guest, Billy Mays • Taylor Mali – What teachers make...
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21 - o You realize what you are doing and do it well o You...

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