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2-2 - o Dispositional CA(aka trait-like Anxiety you feel...

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CMS – February 2, 2010 Leadership Tensions Democratic vs. Authoritarian Assigned vs. Emergent Participative & Democratic Laissez-faire ‘Followers’ Essential roles o Gatekeeper o Harmonizer Makes everyone get along & resolve differences o Compromiser Makes everyone feel like they’ve been heard o Information-seeker Someone who really wants to get the information What do these do? Which one could you be? Introduction to Communication In a workplace, these were rated (5 point scale) as so: o Communication skills (verbal and written): 4.7 o Honesty/integrity: 4.7 o Interpersonal skills (relates well to others): 4.5 o Motivation/initiative: 4.5 o Strong work ethic: 4.5 o Teamwork skills: 4.5 Elements of Communication Has verbal and nonverbal components You cannot not communicate Expresses both content and relationship Meanings are in people (not words) Is irreversible Is a neutral tool Is a learned skill Takes place in physical and psychological contexts Communication Anxiety Types of Communication Apprehension
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Unformatted text preview: o Dispositional CA (aka trait-like) Anxiety you feel about communicating in most situations Causes: • Inadequate or poor models (parenting) • Inadequate positive reinforcement • Learned helplessness • Poor skill development o Situational CA (aka stage-fright) The normal anxiety you feel in potentially Causes: • Novel situations • Formal situations • Subordinate status • Feeling conspicuous • Unfamiliarity with the norms • Fear of evaluation • Underprepared • Rigid rules • Negative self-talk • Treatments o Systematic Desensitization Learn to associate communication with relaxation Fear of elevators example o Cognitive Restructuring Reduce fears by changing unrealistic beliefs to realistic ones Rely on logic and reason to counter negative thoughts o Visualization Learn to visualize positive outcomes of communication Positive self-deception...
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2-2 - o Dispositional CA(aka trait-like Anxiety you feel...

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