4-6 - CMS April 6 2010 Target Zones Attitudes"snowboarding...

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CMS – April 6, 2010 Target Zones Attitudes “snowboarding is fun” o Likes and dislikes o Easy to influence o Lead to behaviors Beliefs “snowboarding is a rewarding pastime” o Personal, what is true/false in the world o Harder to influence Values “snowboarding is a good thing” o Very personal, determinations of good/bad o Hardest to influence Maslow’s Hierarchy People are motivated to act because of an unfulfilled need Physiological needs Safety needs Social needs Self-esteem needs Self-actualization needs Using Ethos to Persuade Establish your credibility (initial and derived) Explain your competence o Stress your research o Stress special knowledge Establish common ground with your audience Use dynamic, charismatic delivery that expresses your conviction and proves your trustworthiness Using Pathos to Persuade Emotionally charged language Cncrete words to help listeners visualize Visual images Use appropriate fear appeals Delivery (nonverbal)—sincerity and conviction Fear Appeals Threat Resolution Smoking = Cancer Quit Smoking Fear cannot be too strong, or people ignore appeal Solution must seem possible, r people moderate fear other ways
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Using Mythos to Persuade Relies on social traditions and values that are important to the audience Cognitive Dissonance Festinger Dissonance is a bad feeling We try to reduce this feeling o Change our own beliefs o Discredit the source o Deny, deny, deny Examples: hazing, self-persuasion
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4-6 - CMS April 6 2010 Target Zones Attitudes"snowboarding...

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