4-22 - Giving a similar speech to another student Giving a...

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CMS – April 22, 2010 Impromptu Speaking **Quizzes are done April 30 th Defining Impromptu A presentation delivered with very little or no time for advance preparation We give “impromptu” speeches all the time o Bumping into old friends What you’ve been up to o Talking to traffic cops Persuasive impromptu! o Explaining how to do an exercise Structuring a how-to o Evaluating how good a film was I liked this, didn’t like that… o Arguing with a friend Impromptu Speech 1:30-2:30 in length Duration of previous student’s speech for prep time Top will be one of two words from http://watchout4snakes.com/creativititytools/RandomWord/RandomPhras e.aspx Introduction o Attention getter: o Thesis statement: o Preview: Body o Main point 1: o Main point 2: o Main point 3: Conclusion o Restate points o Restate thesis: o Tie back to attention getter: Big “No’s” For This Assignment
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Unformatted text preview: Giving a similar speech to another student Giving a speech that is not related to your topic Giving a speech that is tenuously related to your topic and arguing at length about it Improper use of time (i.e. 60 second story) Excessive reliance on anecdotal evidence Preparing Your Speech Choose a topicwhat does your word connect to Choose a thesis o This determines the rest of your preparation o Incorporate what you can talk at length about o Make sure you clearly state your thesis/topic Organize your ideas o Big headings Little headings o Rule of 3 Intro and Conclusion o Foreshadow and Review o Dont forget attention getter/closer Organizational Structures Classification: Divides major topics into separate categories...
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4-22 - Giving a similar speech to another student Giving a...

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