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4-22 - • Giving a similar speech to another student •...

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CMS – April 22, 2010 Impromptu Speaking **Quizzes are done April 30 th Defining Impromptu A presentation delivered with very little or no time for advance preparation We give “impromptu” speeches all the time o Bumping into old friends What you’ve been up to o Talking to traffic cops Persuasive impromptu! o Explaining how to do an exercise Structuring a how-to o Evaluating how good a film was I liked this, didn’t like that… o Arguing with a friend Impromptu Speech 1:30-2:30 in length Duration of previous student’s speech for prep time Top will be one of two words from http://watchout4snakes.com/creativititytools/RandomWord/RandomPhras e.aspx Introduction o Attention getter: o Thesis statement: o Preview: Body o Main point 1: o Main point 2: o Main point 3: Conclusion o Restate points o Restate thesis: o Tie back to attention getter: Big “No’s” For This Assignment
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Unformatted text preview: • Giving a similar speech to another student • Giving a speech that is not related to your topic • Giving a speech that is tenuously related to your topic and arguing at length about it • Improper use of time (i.e. 60 second story) • Excessive reliance on anecdotal evidence Preparing Your Speech • Choose a topic—what does your word connect to • Choose a thesis o This determines the rest of your preparation o Incorporate what you can talk at length about o Make sure you clearly state your thesis/topic • Organize your ideas o Big headings Little headings o Rule of 3 • Intro and Conclusion o Foreshadow and Review o Don’t forget attention getter/closer Organizational Structures • Classification: Divides major topics into separate categories...
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