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Ehrlich_Crossword04 - Chapter 4 The Muscular System...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4: The Muscular System EJIIEJEEIEEIIEI [Ell E! DOW": Across: Y E E E] 1' sli-ht aral sis cfa muscle E 11' a localized muscle s a . . casm [ilflfiitdfillfitiiflfl E-W ‘2: ureccerati'u'e antisuasmcdic rr- 15: rinlike muscle = 3: word cart meanind head cfa r 19: straichtenind a icint El E E! E 4:muscle cain u 21: wcrd cart meanind cccrdinat ta s a e asueemasmnmne sen m e e e a seems m u _ e - e sesame m s . n u msaaemnm u m name enemas e e m EMEEEIEI IEE‘IE] salve Ward i sen ever ,u Suture Puzzle i' Insu'uetiens i' Dawn: 2: preoperative Across: 19: straightening a antispasmcdic medication jc-int EEEEEEEEII E E E El EEEH E E E III E] Ell] E! [I El II] I] E E] I] E! E HE] EEEEEHEEIE El [3! [EIEIEEHEEEEJEJ BEE BEE] El MEIER} ...
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