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Ehrlich_Crossword05 - Chapter 5 The lt.‘-ardio~.rascular...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5: The lt'.‘-ardio~.rascular System EMEEEIIEIEJEIIIE EIEEIEJEEIIEI DEW": Across: III 1?: word part meanino somethih E 2: condition ofha-u-ing an embol a ‘19: substance in blood cells that 23; specialist in blood disorders 21:valve located between the lefl- 25: blood supply deficiency duet - E1 E'EIEJEJIIJIIEJEEIIEI E! ElElElEl 24: word cart meanino blood corfl 2E1: node that is the natural pacer fl _ I o n moonoonopumnom _omono m m a m o - o m o a o o o oommonooo opossum o o _o_o 1 o a u Hosmmooomsoo Across: 26: node that is the natural pacemaker of the head Down: 24: word pert meaning blood condition o n I o _1 m _o m f c oomoogo HEMEEIIEJIIEI - Solueli'h'ord ) sonouer t ' Sabre Puzzle i ' Ines-notions i ll L! E] [H E! El [1] E E! E El I] E ...
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