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Ehrlich_Crossword06 - Chapter 6 The Lymphatic and Immune...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6: The Lymphatic and Immune Systems EEIIEEEEIIE E _ E EEIEEE L3] E E! _[I IE! [I “IIEEEEE E EEIIEEIEE EEEEIIIEEII E I] E El EIEEEEEEEE E H HE EB E: EE a E El EEEEE EEE EEEEEHE EEEEE a E E m m a n m E E m E E E! E E E I] [[II I] E = E - . EEEEEEEE E EEEEE ruauaaa a DEW": 2E]: medication to treat'u'iral infect” 22: acromu'm for the Eld'u'ElrICEd ste 24: tonsils located atthe base of— 25: removal of tissue to confirm Eu Down: 25: removal of tissue to confirm a diagnosis Sallie Word ,i Entire Puzzle l' ABFDSSI 26: condition in which the body a' a 2?: viral infection transmittedto h 281l mh nodes located undertl - 291studll' oftumors and cancer fl Across: 29: studyf of tumors and cancer Sun Over l' "X Instructions i ...
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