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Ehrlich_Crossword10 - Chapter 1i The Nervous System...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1i]: The Nervous System IIIEIDJEEIIEI EIEEJEIIIIIEEJE‘! E! T "" [HE Eli [HE II]I [IE1 EEIEIEJ E! E! [H {HE EB Elli! [HE] [-2] [HI EIIEJ lllllfii EIIIEEEEIIEJ BEE] EJEIEIEJEEIIIEI EE'JIEEIHEHEEIEJ ifl E E] IE El E] E! II] El III [I :1 IE DEW": HETDSS: 12: medication to relieve oain with 22: largest and uooermost oortio a ‘13: also known as a seizure 23: tendenovto remain in afixed 1T: oertainino to the brain 24: also known as a readin- dis: - 191aslowlv orooressive decline a 25: ovenivnelmino and irrational T n Down: 19: a slowly.r Across: 25: overwhelming and progressive decline in mental irrational fear of leaving the abilities familiar setting of home Solve Word ,i Start Over l Serve Puzzle l' Insu'uotiona l' ...
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