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Kyle Avalos Medical Term. Chapter 4 I visited the heart-warming site which included a collection of stories of  people with stories and experiences dealing with paraplegia or other traumatic injuries. One that  I found particularly powerful was the story of a woman name Sandy who was dealing with a  spinal injury that occurred during a car accident. Throughout her time at the hospital she was  roomed next to a young girl who was comatose from a head injury. After hearing her parent’s 
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Unformatted text preview: desperate attempts to talk to their child out of her coma Sandy began trying the same every night when her visitors left. Although Sandy never found out if the girl made a full recovery I founding this story moving because, even though she was going through her own traumatic experience, Sandy still stopped to focus on someone who was worse of then her. I found this site and the sharing of peoples experiences to be very good for the soul....
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