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Link Assignment 8 - repair of cleft palates or lips as well...

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Kyle Avalos Medical Terminology Chapter 8 The site I visited was called the smiletrain.org which is an organization that focuses  repairing cleft palates and cleft lips. A cleft palate or lip is where either does not completely form  causing trouble with speaking or eating. This is especially prevalent in developing or less  economically stable countries. The Smile Train takes donations to travel to these countries and  provide the required surgery for a cleft lip or palate free of charge. The reason The Smile Train  does this is really two-fold. For one it gives surgeons and doctors in the field training on the 
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Unformatted text preview: repair of cleft palates or lips as well as provides the surgery for those in desperate need. I found the stories and the before and after pictures to be greatly interesting. The site provides areas to donate as well as a place for medical professionals who might be interested in cleft palate or lip surgery to seek grants. Overall I found this site to be very eye opening on a subject that does not get publicized here but is of great detriment to other countries....
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