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Kyle Avalos Medical Terminology Chapter 9 The site of the National Kidney Foundation is dedicated to, what else, kidneys. Within  the site the foundation has provide information on every Kidney disease or disorder from  diabetes to Chronic Kidney Disease and provides information on each as well as nutritional info  for people with CKD or diabetes such as what to eat and meal plans. Of course, as with any  organization, there is an area where you can choose to donate if you wish. Also, as a different 
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Unformatted text preview: form of donation, the site shows where you can sign up to become a living donor by donating one of your kidneys for those in need by visiting Lastly, included in the site is news and event section where you can find the latest news pertaining to anything nephrologically inclined. This site is very useful for the further studying of any Kidney disease and in raising awareness on the subject....
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