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Kyle Avalos Medical Terminology Chapter 12 The website I reviewed was the site which is provided for by the Vascular  Birthmarks Foundation. Founded in 1994 the Vascular Birthmark Foundation deals with  providing information about birthmarks to parents as well as health care professionals and  clinics. According the website there are two categories of birthmarks hemangiomas and  vascular malformations and these affect roughly 40,000 children per year. The site provides  treatment options such as laser treatments and gives the best course of action when dealing 
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Unformatted text preview: with a particular birthmark. Included in the web page is a section that provides an overview on current research studies, how is involved, and why the study is considered important. Also the site gives the names of experts on the topic of birthmarks and allows you to ask them questions. Overall I found this site to be eye opening on the amount of children who are born with disfiguring birthmarks and the fact that until recently we have not had any proper protocols in place....
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