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Link Assignment 15 - may purchase books on things such as...

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Kyle Avalos Medical Terminology Chapter 15 The website that I reviewed was ismp.org which is the Institute for Safe Medical Practices homepage. This organization is non-profit and its goal is to prevent medical errors from occurring and safe medication usage and aim to help health care providers at reducing these errors. However, because it is not a government agency the ISMP cannot set guidelines but merely advise individuals to put these in place. In addition to offering a consulting service the Institute for Safe Medical Practices offers an online store where you
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Unformatted text preview: may purchase books on things such as patient safety or safe use of medications. There is even a place on the website where you can report a possible dangerous error to the ISMP. I found this site to be very interesting because recently a friend of mine was given a medication that she was allergic too and caused a sever reaction. It is good to know that there are institutes in place that try and insure patient safety and clinical accountability....
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