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Business Communication Trends - Running head BUSINESS...

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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TRENDS 1 Business Communication Trends Desi'Re Wheeler COM/284 January 11, 2011 Steve Donohue
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BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TRENDS 2 Business Communication Trends A mother and daughter were walking through the mall. They went into various stores browsing items and purchased items they liked. In one particular store, the daughter came into contact with a pair of jeans and decided she had to have them. However, she could not find them in her size. She continued to look throughout the store tossing whatever came across her path. The sales associate saw this disturbing display and was quickly angered. When they were ready to check out, the associate snatched the clothes, threw them in the bag, and yelled their total. The mother and daughter were outraged by her behavior and vowed never to come into this store again. You may be wondering what the point of this story is. It has nothing to do with the behavior of the mother and daughter, but it is to show how the sales associated communicated with them. The associate was angered and wanted them to know it. Maybe the sales associate had every right to display her anger, but her actions caused her company to lose any future revenue that would be gained from them. “Business communication allows companies to improve employee performance, team performance, and the entire organization to execute the company’s strategy of fulfilling their mission” (Skills 2 Lead, 2011, para. 2).
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Business Communication Trends - Running head BUSINESS...

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