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PS3 - Problem Set 3 1 A truck covers 40.0 m in 8.50 s while...

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Problem Set 3 1. A truck covers 40.0 m in 8.50 s while smoothly slowing down to a final speed of 2.80m/s. a. find its original speed b. find its acceleration 2. A speedboat moving at 30.0 m/s approaches a no-wake buoy marker 100m ahead. The pilot slows the boat with a constant acceleration of -3.5 m/s 2 by reducing the throttle. a. How long does it take the boat to reach the buoy? b. What is the velocity of the boat when it reaches the buoy? 3. A truck on a straight road starts from rest, accelerating at 2.00 m/s2 until it reaches a speed of 20.0 m/s. Then the truck travels for 20.0 s at a constant speed until the brakes are applied, stopping the truck in a uniform manner in an additional 5.00 s. a. How long is the truck in motion? b. What is the average velocity of the truck for the motion described? 4. A ball starts from rest and accelerates at 0.5 m/s 2 while moving down an inclined plane 9.00 m long. When it reaches the bottom, the ball rolls up another plane, where after moving 15.0 m, it comes to rest.
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