PS7 - 5. For A=3i+j-k, B=-i+2j+5k, C=2j-3k, find C. (A-B)...

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Problem Set 7 1. A block of mass 2.50 kg is pushed 2.0m along a frictionless horizontal table by a constant 16.0 N force directed 25 below the horizontal. Determine the work done on the block by a. The applied force b. The normal force exerted by the table c. The gravitational force d. Determine the total work done on the block 2. A shopper pushed a cart with a force of 35.0 N directed at an angle of 25.0 downward from the horizontal Find the work done by the shopper on the cart as he moves down an aisle 50.0m long 3. A raindrop of mass 3.35*10-5 kg falls vertically at a constant speed under the influence of gravity and air resistance. As it falls 100m, find the work done on the raindrop a. By the gravitational force b. By the air resistance 4. A force F = (6i-2j) N acts on a particle that undergoes a displacement r = (3i + j) m. Find a. The work done by the force on the particle b. The angle between the force and the displacement
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Unformatted text preview: 5. For A=3i+j-k, B=-i+2j+5k, C=2j-3k, find C. (A-B) 6. The force acting on a particle varies as shown in the figure below. Find the work done by the force on the particle as it moves from a. From x = 0 to x = 8.00 m b. From x = 8.00m to x = 10.0 m c. From x = 0 to x = 10m 7. When a 4.00 kg object is hung vertically on a certain light spring that obeys Hookes Law, the spring stretches 2.50cm. If the 4.0 kg object is removed, how much work must an external agent do to stretch the same spring 4.00 cm from its unstretched position? 8. A 100gram bullet is fired from a rifle having a barrel 0.600m long. Assume the origin is placed where the bullet begins to move; the force exerted by the expanding gas on the bullet is 2 x 25 x 10 15 where x is in meters. a. Determine the work done by the gas on the barrel as the bullet travels the length of the barrel. b. If the barrel is 1.00 long, how much work is done...
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