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M325K Sample Exam 2 No Calculators, books, notes, etc. 1. State the Quotient-Remainder Theorem. 2. Express 2 . 1353535 ... as a ratio of two integers. 3. If 7 α k 500!, find α . 4. Find the standard factored form of 2 24 - 1. 5. Prove that the average of two rational numbers is rational. 6. Restate the following more precisely and the prove or disprove it: “If you divide
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Unformatted text preview: a square by 4, the remainder is going to be 0 or 1. 7. Prove that 5 is irrational. 8. Prove or disprove: If x is a real number and x-b x c 1 / 2, then b 2 x c = 2 b x c +1 ....
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