NEWWORKETHICSPAPER - In our modern life all the goods and...

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In our modern life all the goods and services require money. For that people have to work to earn money so they can provide the necessities of life. Meanwhile, when people are earning money they are not only looking for at least a basic life but also they are working on boosting the country’s economy. On the other hand, there are worker who do not work hard enough and try to make an earning from a least work. Also, some employees do not consider the respect for the customers because it is a character in their personality and that might affect the business negatively on keeping its customers coming back as well as there are employees who take advantage of working as cashiers by putting money in their pockets from the business revenues. In addition, some employees, especial young workers have some different attitudes toward the way they work which affect the business they work at that moment as well as businesses in the future run. 1. Describe how typical the attitudes that Sheehy reports appear to be in work environments you have experienced. In my wok experience back home in Algeria I noticed the same attitudes of some co- workers. They usually, try to work as much less as they can and if some of them work as cashier they take money as well as they charge customers more. I first noticed those attitudes in my first job; at the time I was 15 years old, at my uncle’s restaurant. At first, I started hanging out at the restaurant for a while before I started working in the kitchen. When I talked to my uncle about what is going on at his restaurant when he is not around he did not believe me because he did not notice any thing. However, to prove my self to him that I was right I started a new technique by estimating the revenues of one-week work. By the end of the week I noticed less income every day and the employees responsible of the cashier work were rotating at the cashier every now and then. When I talked to my uncle about what I have done he was surprised because the employees
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were taking advantage of every moment my uncle was not around. Moreover, to prove my point I asked my uncle to assign a new worker in the kitchen to do the same work I was doing
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NEWWORKETHICSPAPER - In our modern life all the goods and...

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