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D they are lighter than water e they exhibit

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Unformatted text preview: lighter than water. E) They exhibit considerable molecular complexity and diversity. 21) Recent research suggests that side effects from Ritalin, the drug used to treat attention deficit disorder, may be caused by contamination of enantiomers, or molecules that ____ A) differ in the location of their double bonds. B) are mirror images of one another. C) differ in their electrical charge. D) have identical three-dimensional shapes. E) lack an asymmetric carbon. Problem Set 1 Chapters 1-4 BILD1 / Spring 2011 Dr. Kiger 22) Observe the structures of glucose and fructose in Figure 1. These two molecules are _______ A) structural isomers. B) geometric isomers. C) enantiomers. D) geometric isotopes. E) nonisotopic isomers. Figure 1 23) The two molecules shown in Figure 2 are best described as _______ A) geometric isomers. B) enantiomers. C) radioactive isotopes. D) nonisotopic isomers. E) structural isomers. 24) Amino acids are acids because they always possess which functional group? A) amino B) carboxyl C) aldehyde D) carbonyl E) sulfhydryl Figure 2 25) Look at the four molecules (A-F) above. Answer the following questions: A) Which of the molecules are hydrophobic? B) Which of the molecules are hydrophilic? C) Circle the ATOMS that can serve as hydrogen donors in a hydrogen bond. D) Box the ATOMS that can serve as hydrogen acceptors in a hydrogen bond. E) Which of the molecules are hydrocarbons? F) List which molecules carry the following functional groups, and identify them on the figures above: (i) Carboxyl? (ii) Carbonyl? (iii) Amino?...
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