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Unformatted text preview: Problem Set 1 Chapters 1-4 BILD1 / Spring 2011 Dr. Kiger 1) Which four elements make up approximately 96% of living matter? A) carbon, sodium, chlorine, nitrogen B) carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, hydrogen C) oxygen, hydrogen, calcium, sodium D) carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen E) carbon, oxygen, sulfur, calcium 2) What do these four elements have in common? A) They all have the same number of valence electrons. B) Each element exists in only one isotopic form. C) They are equal in electronegativity. D) They are elements produced only by living cells. E) They all have unpaired electrons in their valence shells. 3) The mass number of an element is the sum of the number of _________ in an atom of that element. A) protons and neutrons B) energy levels C) protons and electrons D) neutrons and electrons E) isotopes 4) The atomic number of neon is 10. Therefore, an atom of neon A) has 8 electrons in its outer electron shell. B) is inert. C) has an atomic mass of 10 daltons. D) only A and B are correct. E) A, B, and C are correct. Questions 5-7 Refer to Figure 1. Figure 1 5) Which drawing depicts the electron configuration of an atom of neon ( 16 8 20 10 Ne) ? 6) Which drawing depicts the electron configuration of oxygen ( O) ? 7) Which drawing depicts an atom with a valence of 3? 8) The reactive properties or chemical behavior of an atom depend on the number of A) valence shells in the atom. B) orbitals found in the atom. C) electrons in each orbital of the atom. D) electrons in the outer valence shell in the atom. E) hybridized orbitals in the atom. Problem Set 1 Chapters 1-4 BILD1 / Spring 2011 Dr. Kiger 9) What are the chemical properties of atoms whose valence shells are filled with electrons? A) They f...
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