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MAE 412 Chapter 8: Internal Flow Convective Heat Transfer (Incropera, Heat and Mass., 6 th ed) A. Fluid Flow Considerations 1. Boundary layer Re D Eqn 8.1 Lam hydro entry length dist Eqn 8.3 Turb hydro entry length dist Eqn 8.4 Mass flow eqn Eqn 8.5 Re D in terms of mass flow Eqn 8.6 (circ tubes only) 2. Pressure drop Moody friction factor Eqn 8.16 Laminar flow Moody f Eqn 8.19 Moody diagram Fig 8.3 Moody f, smooth surface Eqn 8.20a & 8.20b or Eqn 8.21 Press drop Eqn 8.22a Power for press drop Eqn 8.22b B. Thermal BL Considerations 1. Boundary layer Lam thermal entry length dist Eqn 8.23 Turb thermal entry length dist L/D = 10 Newton’s Law of cooling Eqn 8.27 (note T m ) 2. Energy Balance Fluid Eqn 8.34 Differential form Eqn 8.35 Uniform heat flux Eqn 8.40 Const surface temp Eqn 8.43 + 8.44
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Unformatted text preview: Const surf temp, T m fcn of dist Eqn 8.42 Const surf temp w/ overall U Eqn 8.45a C. Laminar Flow in Circular Tubes 1. Fully developed conditions Uniform heat flux Eqn 8.53 Constant surface temp Eqn 8.55 2. Entry Region Effect Local Nu D Fig 8.10 Avg Nu D , f.d. flow but thermal entry region Eqn 8.56 Avg Nu D , combined flow & thermal entry regions Eqn 8.57 D. Turbulent Flow in Circular Tubes 1. Fully developed: average and local are the same Dittus-Boelter Eqn 8.60 simple, small temp diff (n defin under eqn) Seider-Tate Eqn 8.61 simple, large temp diff Gnielinski Eqn 8.62 complex, wider range of Re, uses Moody f E. Non-Circular Tubes, fully developed laminar flow Hydraulic diameter Eqn 8.66 Nu D , uniform q” Table 8.1 Nu D , T s constant Table 8.1 Moody f Table 8.1...
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