Darcy Flow Experiment

Darcy Flow Experiment - the higher the permeability 3. The...

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Alex Blaies AMB4747 Wednesday 10-12 Precious Lab partners- piper, don’t know the other two Darcy Flow Experiment 1. Negligible pressure drop is a valid assumption for the small holes, but for the larger holes the pressure drop would not be negligible. 2. The smaller the grain size the lower the permeability and the larger the grain size
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Unformatted text preview: the higher the permeability 3. The pa is the x axis and the q is the y axis. The higher the change in P, the higher the Q. This reinstates Darcy’s equation because delta P is a numerator value. 4. If there was a y-intercept, the Pa would be equal to 0. Thus, there should be no flow. This follows Darcy’s equation...
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