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Journal Session 2 - Mariah Van Wyk CMIN Journal Session 2...

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Mariah Van Wyk CMIN Journal Session 2 JOURNAL Discuss the tension between… Subjective… and the historical and Objective. I personally agree with Mclarens’s subjective point of view because I hope to change and transform. JOURNAL Fredrick Beuchner When reflecting upon the quote that was read, I thought it was very interesting the approach that he used in hi thinking. JOURANAL Psalm 18 reading. When I got my act together... He gave me a fresh start. He rewrote the text in my life These two passages are meaningful to me because I can personally relate to what these verses mean. The two simple words… “Fresh start” moves me because when God says fresh start.. It means renewed… made white, and he keeps no records of what wrongs I have previously made. He renewed who I am. His mercies are new every morning.
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JOURNAL An ethical or moral decision. How I felt when I made an ethical decision? Sometimes in my daily walk through life, I make decisions that I am not very proud of. I
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