Journal - Mariah Van Wyk CMIN Journal 1 January 14, 2010...

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CMIN Journal 1 January 14, 2010 For me I was raised in a Christian household. I was baptized at a young age and grew up going to Christian schools and churches. I believe that I have been blessed to have such positive influences at such a young age, On the other hand, this inheritance that I have grown up with, has also raised me to think more conservatively and narrow- mindedly. Not always having a wide or even any variety of people, thoughts, viewpoints, and influences was sometimes frustrating. Although, going to a public highs school, I definitely feel more open minded to others opinions and beliefs. Journal 2 January 18, 2010 This semester, I would like to grow internally and spiritually in my faith by striving to live through faith. Living though faith takes a lot of courage and I have the desire to act out and to follow God in such a way that people might see Jesus and his love through me and my actions. This external transformation might take a while, but I think that through prayer it is possible to make that change that I hope to. Reading my bible daily should also help me to know God better and to grow closer in my relationship with him. Journal 3 January 21, 2010 I first heard about Azusa Pacific when my sister first applied to colleges and was accepted to Azusa. When applying to college I hoped that I might get accepted to Azusa because of the many things that I had heard about the school. Also my senior year I visited my sister in California and really like the school from first experience. Now that I am here, I really love the environment that Azusa has to offer. The people here at APU are one of a kind and I definitely think that I will remain here for the next three years. Journal 4 January 26, 2010 The three most important things in my life are God, friends, and eating. Time
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Journal - Mariah Van Wyk CMIN Journal 1 January 14, 2010...

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