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Jenine Teixeira Case Study 2 Cost Accounting Hilton Manufacturing Company Richard Hilton was the founder of Hilton Manufacturing Co. He passed away in the early 1990. Paul Hilton, Richards’s son at the time 34 years old became president of the company and exercised full control. Richard Hilton was hoping to train his son for at least 10 years but unfortunately only was only able to train him for four years. The lack of experience had much to
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Unformatted text preview: do with the results on the 1990 Income statement (exhibit 1); the company suffered a loss of $200,000 during the years. Paul was aware of the poor decision he made, and he knew he needed help. In February 1991 Paul Hilton appointed George Weston 56 years old with wide executive experience as General Manager of Hilton manufacturing. Weston, as general manager, had full authority to execute any changes he desired....
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