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Unformatted text preview: MEMORANDUM TO: All Employees FROM: Management DATE: April 17, 2011 SUBJECT: Accounting Software update Management is writing this memo to let you as employees know that IT has decided to upgrade the company’s accounting software to a program called Cougar Mountain. Our team has reviewed a total of seven other programs and of these seven programs that were reviewed Cougar Mountain was one of the harder programs to use. In order to make the program easier for everyone to learn we plan on offering employees special training classes. We feel that Cougar Mountain would be helpful in the training process because it offers IM/Chat. IM/Chat is useful because other people that use the software can help each other with common problems. Help document are also another useful benefit that comes with Cougar Mountain and can be useful in the training process. Cougar Mountain software is set-up so that management can track day to day activities and even track activities over a period of time so that they can...
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